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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Very Very Special Snowflake Indeed!

Oppenheimer has been out of action the poor bugger. The final days of the Australian winter has been crippling quite a few of us antipodeans as a prelude to the allergies of spring.... For some, it is much like Jason Alexander once said of himself 'I never had a good year, the day my braces came off, my hair started falling out'. Alas, poor Oppenheimer can't catch a break at the moment much like Castanza.

But it was in the late part of the evening that I got a Whatsapp message from him to say that he was alive but not very well. What amazes me about Oppenheimer is that even when he is down and out with the flu he still has time to trawl social media and to comment on young fashion designers, marvel at the style of dead people from Time magazine photos and send me articles from the Spectator on the decline of the British middle class whilst screen capturing  twitty things people say and write on Facebook. I guess you can't stop a big cranium like that from turning.

But the reason I write this post is because within the ridiculous hash tags and selfies that Opps was quoting I recalled a wonderful expression my old therapist once told me about people carrying on both in their private and social media lives. They are called, I am told, Very Special Snowflakes and in some cases it is ended with Syndrome.... I usually like to be clued up on the latest insults but this one I had not heard before and as my therapist explained, it referred to the fact that no two snow flakes are alike, they are all different, so to be a Very Special Snowflake is to be the kind of person that deems themselves worthy of special treatment despite the fact that they are no different from anybody else in their uniqueness. I love it. I have probably over baked the whole thing by trying to describe it in this passage but I think in this world of individual expression, of blogs, of Facebook, of Instagram, when we all believe we ought to be heard, well, perhaps I ought to out myself as a Very Special Snowflake! I hope it makes you laugh, it certainly lifted Oppenheimer's spirits on his sick bed.

Do you suffer from the Special Snowflake Syndrome?

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