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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puss In Boots Has Had His Fill Of Milk And Now Licks His Lips!

This just came in from one of our most esteemed customers who has been enjoying our wares for some time now. Any of you who follow the blog will most likely be able to recognise him from his writing style.

Hello LNP,

I just read your most recent blog entry and I have to say that even though I haven't laid eyes on many of the items you describe, I can imagine your bewilderment. And rest assured that if I were not so tall and thick necked (alas!), I probably would have ordered a whole host of your neckties. I can tell you that I feel like a child waiting for Christmas all the same when I think about what's on its way to me now... The silk and cashmere scarves (I broke down and bought the orange one as well), the M. de Phocas cufflinks (as I said, I suspect these are a real treasure), no less than ten pairs of Bresciani socks... As well as some other no doubt wonderful odds and ends. Actually, I feel like it's a disservice to even refer to them as odds and ends (I'm especially thinking about your new pocket squares when I think about this — I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on those). Ah well.

Well, well, if Puss In Boots hasn't had his fill of milk! We have enjoyed selling to you customers over the past few days. Yes, we've lost money the last few days, but we know our wares are going to good new homes.

For many of you, small surprises (depending on the time of day when we received the order) are packed inside your parcels as a token gift of appreciation for your loyalty and to some of you newer folks, to welcome you into the fold.


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