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Monday, August 5, 2013

El Aristocrata - A Spanish Blog You Need To Start Reading

El Aristocrata is Spain's equivalent blogger to Simon Crompton of Permanent Style or Hugo Jacomet of Parisian Gentleman. The man behind the blog is Jose Maria Lopez Galiacho and he travels far and wide offering the readers the best of Spain as well as the best of Europe's tailors. His style, much like his counterpart in England but less like his counterpart in France, is one of dogmatic classicism. Fortunately for us, you can subscribe to his blog, which is written in Spanish, by pressing the top right English button which will translate the contents.

We were approached recently by Jose Maria to organise the last part of this three piece dinner suit, the single piece tie your own bow tie in grosgrain that Jose Maria is wearing in the picture below. Single piece bow ties are made to order based on the collar size of your shirts. The reason that they are made to order is obviously to accommodate the individuals neck size. The single piece bow tie is perfect for wing tipped dinner shirts where the wearer wishes to create a seamless exposed line at the rear of the collar. We normally call this bow our 'Arnold' but in this instance we haven't given it a name. It is interesting to note that both Simon Crompton and Jose Maria Lopez Galiacho both chose the exact same bow tie to be made for them. It is testimony to their classic virtues.

For your own enjoyment, read the original article here:

A single piece bow tie made for Spain's sophisticated blogger Jose Maria Lopez Galiacho

I love this style of turn back cuff. Credit to Tom Ford for making it more popular again.

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