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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Gentleman’s Supply Company – A New Webtailing Experience

The Gentleman’s Supply Company has just launched Australia wide. The basic premise of this new webtailing experience is that if you give them a small amount of your time, say five minutes or more, they will understand who you are as a customer and better orchestrate your web shopping experience. The store is a hybrid between online and bricks and mortar but running behind it is the latest technology in web shopping.

At the Gentleman’s Supply Company the data you give the website then feeds out to a select group of stylists who then curate your experience of the website from the online store pages you see to personalised emails and more. How much you disclose is up to you the customer.

What happens next is that the curator then prepares a shipment of goods for you in a crate which are then sent to you in a funky vintage box at which point you try it on, select what you like and then ship back the box with whatever it is you don’t need or don't like.

Curated looks designed to fit to your lifestyle and choices with options put in your crate to make sure you see all angles.

The benefits, from what I can see are that you:

a) don't need to pay for the stuff upfront and 
b) you don't have to pay courier charges in either direction. 

This allows you to take it home, try it on, make sure it's what you thought it was, and then send back what you don't need or didn't like. Brands such as Gieves & Hawkes, Valentino, Paul Smith and ours of course, are already partnered with this brand. The only problem I had with the site was that they needed to store my credit card details. As for the rest of it, I like the concept and I like the idea of more personalised service.

Jump across now and have a look:

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