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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Prince Of Pitti - Lino Ieluzzi - A Brief Interview With Le Noeud Papillon On Style

I remember when I first met Lino Ieluzzi inside Al Bazar in Milan. He was so used to being photographed that he was ready to look at the camera the moment I pulled it out. He is in fact a rock star except that his medium is menswear not music, not even fashion. Like a good rock star he got his theme right and he markets it year after year no differently than say Mick Jagger. That's what makes him so unique and The Prince Of Pitti. Every year you see a group of kids turn up trying to peddle something. There is way too much shill. By contrast, Lino does not peddle anything. He just is. And, he is happy for people to admire that. In a world where smoking is universally frowned upon, Lino keeps puffing away. In a world where men are afraid to say anything remotely sexist, Lino unashamedly says 'I would almost say that a dog is better than a woman'. Which is probably why people continue to follow him regardless of shifts in trends.

On the occasion of my birthday recently I told myself to expect nothing. And it was a very pleasant birthday because of it - full of surprises. One of those surprises was a message from Lino wishing me happy birthday on Facebook, which lead to this interview. Charming, brief and perhaps some of it lost in translation, but unmistakeably Lino, I present to you: The one. The only. Lino Ieluzzi.

Lino, tell me about your dog, you seem to have a big love for him right? Is it difficult to keep such a big dog in a city like Milan?

Certainly yes!  Know that when I get home he has them ready to make me a party to greet me, it is something indescribably beautiful. I would almost say that a dog is better than a woman!

You seem to alternate between peaked lapels and notched lapels – do you ever wear shawl lapels? Between a peaked and notched lapel, which do you think more represents good Milanese style?

The style of Milan, comes from the mix of the way of style and taste. Personally I prefer to wear jackets - both in a chest for those double-breasted - the lapels.

I do not think I have ever seen you in a bow tie and some men I know will never ever wear bow ties outside of black tie. However, I have never understood philosophically why they do not like bow ties. Can you explain to us your thoughts on bow ties?

The bow tie is a very nice accessory but also very particular. But I think you have to know how to take it. I, for one, do not consider myself capable, and in fact I prefer to wear ties at every opportunity.

Wool, cashmere, mohair, silk and cotton – these are the natural fibres I love – I assume you like them too. Can you tell us what kind of blends and weights you most prefer for the stock of jackets you make at Al Bazar?

For our jackets we use natural fibres in different weights depending on the type of jacket to be carried out and the season. For the summer period usually we employ weights from 200 to about 250 grams, while instead for the winter weights of from 300 to 350 gr.

Your shirts are always buttoned up with a tie with a spread on the collar or else you have no tie and a rolled collar. When it comes to rolling of that signature Italian style curve of a collar, can you tell us how you achieve this?

The tie should be crumpled and ruined. It 'important to keep it glued with a very tight knot at the neck, to ensure that this hard all day. The use of materials such as wool and cashmere also promote greater resilience of the node compared to other materials like silk.

The Al Bazar scent which you give to your customers to store in their wardrobe is absolutely magnificent, so I assume you have a nose for perfume. Can you tell us what some of your favourite scents are for a man?

I love the scents and fragrance that I chose for Al Bazar, it reflects my taste. I personally do not use perfume on my skin; I usually use a daily cream Sisley.

Do you still enjoy going to Pitti and what is it you are looking for when you go to Florence in terms of products you might stock in Al Bazar?

Pitti is an international stage where they can meet and get to know people from all over the world who otherwise could not meet daily. Fundamental in my search for a product is the colour, which must never be lacking.

Can you tell our readers about one great restaurant you love in Milan and what sort of food you eat when you go there?

In fact, there are two restaurants I frequent usually Milano: Cheese and Pepper (Cacio e Pepe) where we serve excellent dishes of Roman cuisine and the restaurant Al Porto, where you can taste dishes based on fish.

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