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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Finest Hand-Made 7 Fold Silk Neckties In Australia

It is a very big call to make, and I am making it on my own product, so you should obviously take whatever I say with a pinch of salt because my ties are like my children (not that I have any that I know about). 

The process to make a tie is like a pocket square, like a bow tie and like a scarf. It takes a long time to develop and it takes many elements to come together. The silk has to be made just right for the application (weight, handle, weave and design). The lining must have the right consistency to match the silk. The pattern needs to be created. Then you need the right hands to fold it together, pin it and sew it by hand. If all these elements come together, which they don't always do, then you get a superior tie which is what we got today. I am so proud of it, not myself, I had very little to do with it all, I oversaw each element but I didn't do any of the needle work. This is the culmination of an investigation that took place at the end of 2008 when I was wondering why you could not buy a decent bow tie in David Jones and when people laughed in my face when I said I was going to make my products in Sydney. 'You'll never make money' they said.

Well, I stand by quality and I am still standing. Many thanks to any of you who have purchased a bow tie. You have validated my journey so far and I owe it all to you.


Le Noeud Papillon Sydney 7 Fold Ties Hand Made In Sydney Australia - Limited Runs Only

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