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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kerry Packer Had Style

I adored the interview with James Packer last night on Channel 7's Sunday Night. I thought James Packer came across particularly well regardless of whether it was a puff piece to spruik his Barangaroo casino plans. When he remarked from tear filled eyes that his father was a 'fuckin' big man' you could really feel the rawness and the reason behind the mythos of Kerry Packer. He held so much weight, so much brutal force in people's minds that the mere name being said can still drive a conversation on a new tangent despite the fact that he is now 7 years departed from this earth. What surprised me was how much James Packer seemed to have matured, seemed more like his father and seemed to show himself as much more thoughtful and insightful than what he has been portrayed as in the media. Whether this maturity has come from age or his recent experiences, I think it is nice to finally see a human face to someone who has been so widely scrutinised and media shy. Back to the reason for this post....

What struck me style wise about the interview was that in nearly every frame that Kerry's photograph was present, he was wearing a white pocket square. Black tie or boardroom, this 'mercurial' man seemed to exude a great level of style despite his huge frame. He was classically suited with what seemed to be a Savile Row cut in conservative tones. His son, James, seems to be evolving in much the same manner but for some minor changes to the cut of his suit owing to changes in fashion.

And so, I set about finishing my first Carlo Riva pocket square in royal oxford and I have decided to name it 'Kerry'. I think it is only fitting that we used Carlo Riva cotton cloth. Whilst conservative, it is regarded as some of the most opulent cotton cloth in the world.

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