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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Suits Of James Bond - A Tribute To Thunderball

The Suits Of James Bond have paid tribute to one of my favourite bond villains, Emilio Largo.

Thunderball, which was filmed in Nassau in the Bahamas right near one of my friends' late grandmothers' house (are you still following?), was one of the most inspirational Bond films because it really pushed your boundaries of what you were willing to tolerate in terms of plot line in order enjoy the movie. The idea that Emilio Largo and his men would prefer to scuba dive over to the boat in a war-like spear group formation using submersible vehicles and flippers, loaded up with spear guns, in crystal clear waters; rather than just take a tender boat over to the mother ship - is probably one of the greatest farces that the Bond people have ever put in front of us and then asked us to swallow. If you couple that with the fact that Emilio Largo enjoys wearing his eye patch underwater which would almost definitely ruin the seal on his goggles, and that the US Marines or wherever the red wetsuit people come from, are able to land in the water with their goggles still on, seamlessly dettach themselves from their parachutes and immediately swim with their spearguns pointed forward, then it is possible you may believe anything.

I adore this film, mostly because when I first watched it I was a boy and I dreamed of one day having a speargun, a parachute, a pool with a shark, a spare-air tank, a hydrofoil and a submarine. In fact, I think most Russian Oligarchs felt the same way too which shows in their chosen yacht acquisitions.

With regards to the fashion I will say that it is the first time where James Bond gets trumped by his villain in terms of fashion. Largo has a propensity to outdo Bond in almost every scene. Where bond chooses a red wetsuit with white shorts (which I still very much love), Largo takes inspiration from Lagerfeld and goes all black. Where Bond chooses a midnight blue tuxedo, Largo says 'no problem, we are all in the tropics here, I'm Italian, I choose to wear cream'.

I did love Thunderball - I just wish it had been made in 2012 using the best of special effects and the latest technological advances in weaponry because unfortunately, coming back to it now, I find a lot of those hand-spears lacking.

Dear Mr Bond, you don't look as good as me. I am Emilio Largo, I am handsome, I have an eye patch, I am Italian and I wear cream dinner jackets when I am in the tropics. 

A diamond point bow tie. I would venture to say that it is not symmetrical. The closest shape we make to this bow tie is the 'Hunter' shape which was originally made for a customer in Los Angeles who wished to replace a bow tie handed down from his grandfather. The shape was then named after the customer. 
A slim batwing bow tie - most likely pre-tied. The skinny batwing was the signature bow of Sean Connery as James Bond.
Dear Emilio, perhaps wearing the eye patch was what ruined the seal  of your goggles which meant you couldn't see Bond, so you couldn't kill him....

Killer Shorts Sean

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