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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raja Fashions - The First Fitting, Sydney, Australia

Many of us men have received an email from a friend that goes along the lines of this - 'hey, check this out, these guys are coming into Sydney, do you think we should check it out? Do you think it's the real thing? ' Below this line will be the forwarded advertising email from the Hong Kong tailor informing you that that they are taking appointments for their next trip.

It was high time I paid one of these tailors a visit and it was booked in advance a month out by a friend who wishes to remain nameless. We headed off to the Marriott Hotel on Hyde Park and knocked on the door of the wrong suite on the wrong floor. When noone answered we checked our emails and then went back to the lobby to get buzzed up to the correct floor. Once inside we began fingering the fabrics and looking up and down the other people who were either in front or behind us in the appointment queue. It took a little while, but we eventually were taken into the bedroom for our fitting with Mr Raja Mazhar who began measuring my friend and me for suits. We had recited all the questions we were going to ask them, to scrutinise every last detail - was it a full canvas? were there working buttons? was the cloth certified? how did we know? what sort of padding was used in the shoulder? - but somehow, none of that was proffered by Mr Raja and we just plain forgot to ask the questions as the measuring took some time, Mr Raja seemed a little frantic juggling all the clients and we too began to be pressed for time.

The experience was a very positive one overall. We left feeling like we got a bargain although it hurt to think that I had to spend money in order to save it. In fact, it really hurt. These days I just hate spending money, I think it is the sort of general malaise felt by most Sydneysiders despite the fact that our economy is supposed to be humming along. The only thing I wasn't crash hot about was the fabric books, which often looked nothing like the authentic bunches which made it hard to tell whether you were buying the real thing or not.

If you want to book an appointment with Raja Fashions - here are their details:
Mr Raja Mahar
Facebook: RajaFashions
Twitter: Raja_Fashions

This is the wrong door we first knocked on!

Unfortunately some friends do not wish to have their photos on the internet.

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