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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bow Tie Portrait Competition - Entries Close 21st June, 2012

The inaugural bow tie competition was won by Danny Hsu, above, who wore a Le Noeud Papillon 'Candy' bow tie and  was  photographed whilst in an amateur photography course in Kings Cross, Sydney

The Bow Tie Portrait Competition - Round 2

After the success of the first competition and the more appropriate colder weather we are having here in Sydney, I thought we ought to embark on a new competition to capture all that wonderful unique style that is out there and which is best summed up by a picture. We have decided this time to widen the ambit a little and loosen the reins on what we will accept. So, without futher ado, here are the criteria for Round 2. Submissions close 21st June 2012 5pm AEST.

The Rules Of Engagement
  1. Any of the following items will be accepted as neckwear: Bow tie, kerchief, neckerchief, bandana, scarf or a cravatte (ascot). 
  2. The photo must be in the format of an image no less than 200kb in size and not in excess of 2mb. 
  3. Entrants can come from any part of the globe and prizes will be sent to their home address provided it  can be delivered by Australia Post's parcel service (that means if you are in Antarctica, there is no need to venture outdoors for a photo).
  4. Entrants must be willing to have their photo published on and in the various other mediums with which Le Noeud Papillon of Sydney communicates with it's customers and fans. These include: email marketing, website, twitter and facebook pages.
  5. The image must be labelled with the name of the entrant and the country and city or town of origin.
  6. All photography must be submitted to bow at 
  7. Multiple entries must not be submitted, the onus is on the entrant to choose their favourite photo, please do not ask us to select from a batch.
  8. Please include in your description the brand of the products you are wearing. We are happy to support other brands, especially those that are from smaller ateliers or localised artisans.
What Are We Looking For?
  1. Your own unique style. We don't want anything which is styled or contrived, we want your essence, who you are, what you wear, how you wear it. Whether you look like Fabio or Montgomery Burns, it does not matter to us, so long as we see your personality in the photo.
  2. We will reward ingenuity in both photography and lighting conditions. So think about how you wish to display your neckwear and in what lighting conditions.
  3. The best photos which were submitted last time each had their own unique personality, so try not to use the same photographer for fear that they might put their own spin on your look.
  4. Let us see things we may not have seen before; maybe you have braces you made yourself, a jacket you made with your tailor, something your grandfather left you  -whatever it is, if it has a story and it adds to the photo, include it! We love the obscure, the personal, the rare.
The Prize

Aside from the usual prizes of limited edition bow ties, cumerbands, pocket squares, ascots, and kerchiefs, we will also be mailing the winner Carlo Riva shirting cloth lengths (enough for two shirts)  which they can take to their favourite shirt maker. 

The total prize package will be over $1250.00 AUD from Le Noeud Papillon and friends.

We will also be having gifts coming from some of our other key retailers who are also supporting our competition. We will post more when we know more!

1. Becker Minty Cufflink Box - Becker Minty have kindly offered the winner one of their ebony cufflink boxes valued at $175.00 AUD.

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