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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nothing Is Ever As Good Or Bad As What You Make It Out To Be

As a blogger you write about things you love and when you see them you jump all over them. However, some words from an old friend, who I no longer remain in contact with, rang true today and I will share them with you. 'Nothing is ever as good or as bad as you think it is'.

What he meant, contextually, back in the day, was that no matter what the experience was, either the human mind made it more fearful or created more excitation around a proposed experience than it was in reality, when experienced. Some of those experiences might be surrounding an event like 'giving the best man speech at my best friend's wedding'. Whatever it may be, the truth is, we create either too much hype or too much fear around events.

Such was the case surrounding Ivan Crivellaro's shoes. They finally arrived this morning. For a week I fretted about whether they would get here, whether they would fit, would I love them as much as I had thought I would, were they what they were said to be? All this nervous trepidation over..... a pair of shoes.

When the UPS man arrived, it was not when I thought he would arrive. It was far too casual. There was no 'is that him on the street, I better chase after him in case he has the wrong apartment block'. Instead, it was a casual knock when I just happened to be next to the door. I opened the door, he presented the dongle for signature, turned, walked away.  

I opened the box with my stanley knife and pulled out the shoe box, it seemed to be from a different company, which made sense, Ivan was an artisan, why would he invest in so many boxes? Then I unravelled the shoes and they were stunning, beautiful, elegant, timeless, but they were a little darker than I had expected and a very tight fit.... and then, well, they were a pair of shoes. The psychological hype I had built around the purchase meant that when the shoes arrived, I suffered the same anti-climax that a bride feels the following day after the wedding..... All that for this? Is this all there is to it? 

It wasn't as though I was disappointed, far from it, the shoes were superlative, but just like the bride after a beautiful wedding I was left with the empty feeling of 'So now what?'

NB: The socks are Breciani socks which I purchased from A Suitable Wardrobe. They are quite possibly the best pair of socks I have ever owned.

A silk covered seat using LNP 3 deers silk and sitting on the chair, the newly arrived Ivan Crivellaro shoes featuring patine brogue and crocodile skin.

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