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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Harrolds Sydney - Westfield's Centrepoint - A Home For Creed Perfumes

Firstly, I would just like to mention Creed. I first heard about Creed in the posts of James Andrew of 'What is James Wearing'. He practically never went a day without wearing it. I had never heard of it until then, so I asked a friend and he said 'Oh yeah, it's the real deal and you can hardly find anyone that sells it'. That wasn't quite right - it is sold here but in very few places - and Harrolds is one such place.

Harrolds used to be in Martin Place, Sydney. It was a great location and when you walked in you were always greeted by Vic next to the cashier or one of the other floor staff. Then they moved to Westfields and it was a while before I made the journey up the street. In the end it was well worth the walk. 

The finishes, the details, the merchandising, the segmentation of the spaces was the first thing that struck me. It was all so well balanced and well defined. A room for black tie, a room for suits, a room for sportier / more casual wear. There was a room for this and a room for that and it was so enjoyable just to aimlessly go from here to there. I once again felt incredibly guilty for leaving without purchasing anything. 

However, I can now report that I have purchased something from Harrolds - a bottle of Creed Virgin Island Water. After having Vic and Gino look after me very well on Friday I was meandering about when I stumbled  upon the Creed section. I tried nearly all of them and my nose was pretty much desensitized from the whole affair when I got a rush of coconut and lime and summer holidays and oils and balmy breezy nights all from this one fruity little bottle of Virgin Island Water. Sold! I felt like Anton from Ratatouille - sent through time and space back to a happy childhood memory in the midst of this dreary winter (actually, that particular day was like a slice of summer in winter {24c}).  And, I was so impressed that I wanted to tell you people about it.

The thing about perfumes is that they are subjective to each individual, so I suggest you try them all too.

And women, listen up, I don't ever want to hear you say that you couldn't find us a gift! Between Harrolds, Claude Sebastian, The Strand Hatters and ..... Peter's of Kensington.... please don't ever come home empty handed on our birthdays again. A voucher will not suffice. 

Creed Virgin Island Water

The Entrance To Harrolds New Sydney Store

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