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Monday, August 15, 2011

Coen Young - An Emerging Talent In The Contemporary Australian Art Scene

One day soon after we opened my/our  bar, we decided to 'funk' up the walls of the back alley where our bar entrance was in Kings Cross. It had a red lacquered door - which I had done - and not very well I might say - and it was surrounded by matt black walls and ceilings.

Anyway, so we bought a whole bunch of spray paints from the art store on Oxford Street and we went for it. I think we wrote 'Shh' all over the place, drew outlines of dead bodies on the walls and pavement, maybe threw in some hearts and some other symbols we felt relevant. None of us were really artistically inclined in that manner. After a month or so we decided that we would give our bartender Coen Young a go at the task of revitalising the wall. Coen was a young artist so anything he could muster would surely improve upon our efforts. The following day I came to work to find a massive surging tiger move from the right of the wall to the left. I am pleased to say he has developed his talent - although I am not sure it will be his final mode of expression. Here are some of his latest works and a few old photos from the bar.

A rose is a rose is a rose - taken from Gertrude Stein's poem 'Sacred Emily" - this neon light installation is to my understanding an eternal link suggesting that a 'thing' might remain itself throughout time despite change. 
Installation spherical button-like shapes wall mounted. 
Shh! The original graffiti in Mansion Lane, Kings Cross.

Screen printed on stretched cloth.

Coen Young can be contacted on 

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