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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Winner Of The King's Bow Tie Competition Is P. Carmody Of Melbourne - Congratulations!

Of all the fantastic contributions to the King's Bow Tie Competition in the form of feedback, positive and negative, one really washed well with me and that was the short note sent in by P. Carmody of Melbourne. It resonated with me because I myself would be suspicious of any website claiming us to be the best bow tie maker in the world - and would therefore be sceptical about said business. To turn this Melburnian around is a great delight and that he has kept coming back, is a great reward. 

Every single published piece will receive a silk flower from Le Noeud Papillon but there could be only one winner and in this instance I just felt it fell fairly on this one. Mr. Carmody will receive the King's bow tie, which is set with 9k solid rose gold hardware and inlaid with diamonds. I doubt we will ever see a photo of it in situ, but no doubt it will knock the socks off somebody who chances to see it sparkle.


My fascination with bow ties began last Christmas Eve. Not long after I found a website claiming Le Noeud Papillon the best bow ties in the world. As a Melburnian I was typically suspicious of this claim. All suspicion was abandoned, however, when the first order arrived. Opening the stylish packaging a now familiar fragrance burst forth, setting the scene for the reveal. These ties are seriously classy, one might say decadent. I've ties from around the world, but these silks are set apart by the cut, quality and design, and they keep their shape all day. I wear them almost daily and receive compliments about them almost every day from men young and old, and women too. In formal, work and casual contexts I never run out of an excuse to wear one. They really set you apart. Once you've found the right length and mastered the rather straightforward knot, there's no turning back. 

P. Carmody

Melbourne, Australia


The others that will receive a silk flower are: 

H. Paul, D. Meisenburg , N. Allen, G. Hilton, M. James, J. Kalinowski, S. Campbell, C. McBride, Ahmad D., C. Cullinane and M. Grant. If you would kindly drop us a line on when you get a free moment.

Solid 9k rose gold hardware with inlaid diamonds - won by P. Carmody of Melbourne.

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