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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Alarmingly Sad Truth Is - Sex Really Does Sell

For years now I have deep etched bow ties and stood them upright along side one another, like little soldiers, and published those images on my social media to excite men to consider a bow tie but to also offer them a close up and very intimate picture of the silks themselves. What I had hoped to convey was 'yes, these are genuine silk bow ties, they have a genuine design difference and yes, those are expensive materials that we have used'.

It's a difficult game. You wait for a long time in the hope that one out of one hundred prospective customers will recognise the difference and seek out your products. 

In the interim, waiting for the world to recognise this, I walk through the streets of Sydney and I see the same old international brands populating the same old shopping centres selling the same old concepts. Most of it revolves around some central ideas - celebrity, sex, lifestyle and a unique and desirable life - are encapsulated in the products the brand is offering you to differentiate your life from the other men and women shopping the same said mall, witnessing the same branded image.

Personally, we had never tried such a technique to sell bow ties. I was curious: would sex and celebrity help my products too? The truth is, no celebrity ever wearing our product had ever increased our sales. Not local Australian celebrities, not even international ones.

But sex? The final frontier... And I needed to explore it.

Below you will see a selection of images we had done to try and sell a little more sex with our silks. I love them! They are cute and playful and most importantly, sexy. 

I have absolutely no expectation as to whether they will increase sales, but what I do know is this - they have already garnered more talk on Instagram than six months of erect bow ties lined up one after the other.

In conclusion: Sex really does sell.

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