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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Groomzilla - A Relatively New Phenomenon Which Is In Part Justified

The stress of a wedding and planning a wedding is very palpable just by witnessing the frantic emails, phone calls and in person appointments that build up in a crescendo for all the tailors, alterations houses, boutiques and accessory makers during the peak season. In Australia that time runs between September and November and usually starts to ease off in early December.

The funniest aspect to it all is that grooms are in fact capable of becoming 'Groomzillas' before the wedding, a word I had never heard until a patron apologised by text for what he believed to be 'Groomzilla' behaviour.

The customer was being a little too hard on himself. His concern was justified. He had come to us with a last minute need for a self-tying bow tie in black velvet and his wedding was the following weekend. We put the bow tie in an express post overnight bag but for one reason or another it took 5 days to deliver the package. In the meantime, the customer was becoming increasingly agitated that his needs were not being met and so we offered an alternative solution if the post did not turn up.

Thankfully, the bag did turn up and the bow tie was happily received just in time for the wedding this weekend. However, it did remind me that the way to avoid being a self-labelled Groomzilla is to take the time to prepare for your big day.

Here are some tips for grooms :

1. Write yourself a to do list with variations on the points below and tick them off.
2. Get your suit pressed and dry cleaned a fortnight before the wedding. Get your shirt starched and pressed a week out.
3. Do not leave shoes to the last minute. Shoes are very important, look for them at least 90 days out from the wedding.
4. Buy a clothes brush and make sure you or your best man brushes your suit.
5. Practice tying your bow tie in the mirror a week before your wedding. If you don't want to tie it on your neck, try our technique for tying it on a table.
6. Polish your shoes or at least rub them down with a damp cloth if they are patent leather. Check that the heels and soul are not chipped, repair if needed.
7. If you are wearing studs on your shirt, count your studs and put them into a safe velcro pouch or one that closes securely.
8. Polish your watch.
9. Ensure you have the right socks for your suit - do not wear cheap socks on your wedding day. Over the calf is better.
10. If you are wearing braces you need to get the buttons sewn into your trousers. I highly recommend silk braces or else Albert Thurston evening braces. If you are wearing a cumerbund, make sure it fits around your waist and check it off.
11. Create a man bag or small secure bag in which to place all your belongings that you don't need on your person and give it to your best man, if he doesn't want to carry it, he's not your best man. Also put in your cologne, preferably in the form of a travel atomiser. 
12. Book a hair cut. It's nice to wait in line and get a hair cut and a cut throat shave but if you want a proper hair cut you need to go to a proper hair salon.
13. Keep two pocket squares, the first should be silk or cotton for your breast pocket, the second, for the inside of your jacket, you should use to daub yourself if you get hot or sweaty.

There are no doubt more things to think about than just your kit, but remember, you are on show, not just for yourself but you are there to compliment your beautiful bride or partner to be, so make an effort to look good. Even if you are the scruffy type, look your best kind of scruffy.

Good luck,
team LNP.

Arrived on time... Phew ... To avoid becoming a 'Groomzilla' it's important to prepare yourself before your wedding. Write yourself a list like the points above and tick them off one by one to prevent the pre-wedding sweats. 

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