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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Best Underwear Brands I Have Known - Personally

Today we just added a small range of Bresciani pure Egyptian jersey cotton underpants to the Le Noeud Papillon website. 

I chose to stock Bresciani because I wanted to offer something very different to what all other luxury websites had on their websites. That is, the majority of them were stocking Zimmerli of Switzerland. It got me thinking about the best underpants I have owned and so I am going to write a brief (no pun intended) description of the brands  I love and my experience.

1. Zimmerli Of Switzerland

I have had about four pairs of Zimmerli in my lifetime, mostly coming from A Suitable Wardrobe. They are in my opinion the best underpants in the world. I certainly have never owned a better brand. There is an old adage 'pay once, cry once' and Zimmerli are this brand. The underpants continue to survive for many years despite being light and sheer to the point that you have to wonder what was woven into them in order to survive the long term rough and tumble of so many washes. I highly recommend this brand.

2. Hom

Hom have made some of my favourite underpants but over time they have somewhat declined in quality and I am less likely to buy them these days unless I am in a specific country and they are on sale. What I love about this brand is that they make underpants look cool, they feel good on and they are reasonably sturdy.

3. Emenegildo Zegna 

I understand that its good branding to have your name on the elastic of your underpants but truly I would buy more pairs of Ermengildo Zegna if they didn't have the name on the elastic. They are great quality, highly durable and classic good underpants that you will keep for years. They are quite reasonably priced.

4. Bonds

I love Bonds trunk underpants. In recent years the company has been so playful and spirited with their designs that what they lack in longevity they make up for in design. Gold metallic motifs and prints, silver elasticated bands and vibrant patterns are but a few of the more recent pairs I have purchased. Yes, they will eventually go bad and you will throw them out but you can roughly purchase 3 pairs of these underpants for every one pair of the superior brands mentioned above.

5. Bresciani

For those who know and love their socks, Bresciani have made a foray into boxer and trunk shorts which are superbly made from high quality Egyptian cotton jersey. It made sense for Bresciani to move into this space as they already had a great following for their socks. These underpants are durable and well priced. They are cheaper than Zimmerli but offering a quality near enough to the Swiss brand that will most likely seduce a number of connoisseurs away from their usual choices.

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