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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why I Just Don't Care That Leonardo Di Caprio Won An Oscar

The internet didn't break when Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio won an Oscar, all that happened was that his smarmy little pubescent face cropped up everywhere with females writing how they were the first that discovered Leo and that they had fallen in love with him 'ever since I saw such and such movie' which is an obscure title you never saw to remind you that you hadn't seen all of Leo's 'work' . Are you catching my drift? I don't dislike the guy, I don't know the first thing about him, but he does have the kind of following which viewed on certain angles, singes your nostrils.

I have always liked his films. I thought he peaked when he played the retard in Gilbert Grape but I can safely say I have never NOT enjoyed his films. They're usually somewhat cool characters, they have a certain level of charm about them. Probably my favourite, no girls, it's not Romeo.... was his role in The Departed where I think he played his second best role of his career as a fidgety undercover cop. One thing I have never felt though, perhaps maybe slightly in The Departed, is a sense of deep empathy for his characters. In fact, to my mind, and maybe for others too, I am more likely to feel a sense of empathy for Kevin Costner's characters than Di Caprios. Such is the nature of Di Caprio, he doesn't resonate with me emotionally.

At the Oscars the other night, one Hollywood type did. But he would never ever call himself a Hollywood type even though he has emotionally connected with me more times than I care to admit on a 'Hollywood' level. I am talking about Ennio Morricone, the composer whose film scores have brought me to tears so often that I sometimes flick to the next song when I hear his music to avoid breaking down at key times of the day. Such is the emotional connection I have to his music that I can't make a USB stick without dumping on one or two of his songs.

For many of our readers, I will be preaching to the converted. No man who loves his bow ties and loves fine clothing would not have stumbled across Morricone in his journey so far, his music rests on such loftier levels than his contemporaries. Soundtracks like Cinema Paradiso, Baaria, Malena, The Mission, A Fistful Of Dollars, The Untouchables and more recently The Hateful Eight are just a list that come to mind. But of all these, the two which strike a cord with me the most are Cinema Paradiso and Baaria. Scroll down his IMDB.

My love for Ennio Morricone is something I cannot fully express in words but as a more inner wellness, a spiritual gladness that transcends something as ridiculous as The Adademy Awards which we watch more for theatre and sport than for the genuine recognition of great international talent. However, it just so happened that the other night I saw one of the few people I really wanted to see get an Oscar, get his Oscar. And thank God he didn't feel the need to get up and talk about climate change. Bravo Ennio Morricone, I am so grateful for all that you leave behind.

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