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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Edward Green Navy Pebbled Leather Belt Which Is To My Mind One Of The Best I've Had In A Long Time

There is an Ebay store I sometimes use called Elite Forum . It is a 'best kept secret' which I am only too happy to share now because I have so little time to perform patina experiments for my blog these days.

Elite Forum was where I used to source pairs of Northampton English made goodyear welted shoes and mostly I used them because they often had a great deal of pairs of lighter tan colour shoes which one could use as a blank canvas for patina.

The other week I received a newsletter which offered me the belt below, an Edward Green pebbled leather belt in navy. I am very partial to navy belts and belts of good quality and classic taste, mostly because in Australia they are very very hard to come by. Belts in this country are always the wrong colour, the wrong make, the wrong leather or the wrong buckle. Honestly, I look out for a great belt all the time but in fairness, there just isn't the selection in this country and in fairness, when you do find a quality belt, nobody wants to pay the price tag.

The Edward Green belt below was a welcomed surprise. A great navy in a dauphin styled pebble leather which had been constructed to the highest standard (both sides of the leather were the same, not cheaply glued with the underside, further, the edges were done to a standard you would expect from Hermes) and which was finished with a most non-imposing simple silver buckle with a superb double stud so you could switch it out if you had other great buckles or you changed suits. This is how belts ought to be made and what seems to be missing from the market. 

As a general rule I wear most often navy jeans and when I wear a suit it's most often navy or a blue hue. Accordingly the navy belt for me is the most versatile belt I own because I rarely need to switch our for another colour. Even though I am most frequently observed with suspenders on when wearing a suit, the navy belt is also an exceptional accessory for all hues of blue trousers for smart casual and a sports jacket too, when you are wearing wool but not in a business environment.

I wax lyrical about the navy belt but it's just so much more alluring than a brown or black one for me. Black belts always seem to have too much contrast against a suit, brown ones frequently just don't look right unless the right brown shoe is complimenting the belt. And even though Rupert Murdoch wore a mid blue suit and brown shoe to his wedding last week, there are still those that won't do brown in town. Is not the navy belt therefore the bridge between black and brown shoes and a navy suit? With loafers? With blue jeans? To my mind, you always need a navy belt, and this Edward Green one is exceptional. 

A belt that outclasses most others, an Edward Green pebble leather in navy. Simple elegance and a very versatile solution.

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