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Sunday, March 13, 2016

If I Ever Get Back To Italy I'd Like Sartoria Pirozzi To Make Me A Suit

If there is one thing I regret about being a small business in Sydney, Australia it's that I don't get to travel as much as I'd like to for work. Perhaps I over estimate the lifestyle of Europeans but I always feel like, if I were to be Europe or States-based, that I'd be jumping on a plane every other weekend to go see my suppliers. The simple fact is that if my suppliers were in Melbourne I'd find any excuse not to go down there so I don't know why I romantically ascribe such a lifestyle to New Yorkers, Londoners and Parisians. I think, perhaps it's because when I did a short stint of living in New York and London I used to see the same people in both cities which made me assume that they were always to-ing and fro-ing around, notwithstanding the recent Facebook trend to write something contrived on your status update like "NYC---->>>CDG" or some such thing.

Still, regardless of whether I whine or not, nothing will change the fact that I am getting older and such things as having enough free time to allow myself the opportunity to be measured and kitted up by an Italian tailor seems so far-fetched and elusive that the only people who might be able to bring it to life is Pixar. Which brings me to Sartoria Pirozzi. Located on the Viale Antonio Gramsci, 23, 80122 Napoli, Italy , the current tailoring house is run by Domenico Pirozzi whom I follow on Facebook.

Although I have not yet booked another trip for Europe and whilst I could not even tell you I have allocated the funds for my next commission, following Domenico for the time being on FB is sufficiently whetting my appetite for a day that soon might come when I am flush with money and a plane ticket.

What I have learnt from the people at Sartoria Pirozzi is that the business started with Nunzio Pirozzi attending the Master Sorrentino tailoring school in Casalnuovo in Naples. During his mandatory service in the Italian army he worked on Italian army officers uniforms as well as civillian clothing. He returned home after military service to train with De Bellis in Naples. In 1964 he opened Sartoria Pirozzi and today it still remains a small family operated business. The business today remains focussed on quality hand-cutting and hand-sewing on their suits.

In the interim, follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Domenico Pirozzi working at their atelier on Viale Antonio Gramsci, 23, 80122 Napoli, Italy

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