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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Archived Silks - The Release In 2016 Of All Those Wonderful Silks We've Collected Over The Years

It might have once been that a web business need only offer a product or service that was not available in many different countries and/or cities in order for it to thrive. It was a great time when we set up LNP because in the lethargy that was occurring in department stores worldwide, small web businesses like ourselves could offer superior product and service and we could develop and spread products faster. In those days it was a wonderful time making quality silk bow ties watching these behemoth institutions slowly catch on to what we were doing and start to try to steer their mother ships in a different course.

Over those years whilst we had the place to ourselves we could experiment and be far more flexible with our designs and acquisitions. Almost anything would sell since who was to turn their nose up at the best of Italian and English silks being offered on a well made self-tying bow tie you could not find anywhere else in the world?

Today the landscape is slightly different. The Australian dollar is much weaker, the retail institutions have tried to catch up, the big brands cottoned on social media etc etc. How much has the world changed in eight years? I think a lot. Just think of the volume and scope of choice now out there for consumers from traditional bricks and mortar stores, online web retailers, online resellers, grey markets and ebay second markets. Pretty soon you will be able to shop directly from Instagram too. It's remarkable. What a shift, what a world, what changes. I fear if my grandmother was alive today she'd promptly look around and die again. 

So the consumer wins it seems - there is not fighting it. This week we have released some bow ties onto the site from the remaining pieces of archived silks we have stored at our Sydney Studio in containers. The silks are exquisite and coming back to them has only served to remind me of how much money we sunk into materials over the years to ensure that our customers got a superior product from cloth to packaging. 

The orange and cream silks below are wonderful for those in the North looking for something fresh for spring. Paired with grey or navy wool, the orange bow ties below will pop any suit whilst the cream will work wonderfully for a summer tuxedo or, as I would want to wear it, with a bone suit.

In order to add some cheese and pepper I have today added a code word CATO which will give the first 5 users of this code 60% OFF when checking out of Le Noeud Papillon's collection THE IDES OF MARCH SALE . The code expires tomorrow.

We know you can't find our product anywhere else in the world, we know we use the highest quality silks in the world, we know our bow ties are world class, but what good are they sitting in our Studio when they can elevate your ensemble. 

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