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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Things That Have Caught My Eye This Christmas

Smythson 24 Hour Bag - 1295 GBP

I would most likely never ever purchase one of these bags because I don't do enough business to warrant the expenditure and I don't travel often enough overnight to warrant it either. However, if I were flush with money, I would not hesitate. Just look at that magnificent cognac brown, it's just so elegant.

Berluti briefcase $4340 AUD

For the pimps and the players. You might have seen us write about the bag we made with Enrile of Spain, well, this was one of my key inspirations for asking him to work on a patina bag. Berluti is magic.

Got free time over Christmas and the New Year? Finally having a boy's night? Consider this.

Lord Loafers - 124GBP

I have seen these guys on Instagram a lot but never tried them out. I might soon, price does not seem unreasonable. 

Mont Blanc Tolstoy Fountain Pen - $1350 AUD

It is somewhat ironic that a man who spent his entire life trying to do away with private property and intellectual property should be commemorated by a luxury pen company that specialises in items which people most definitely consider their 'private' property. Needless to say it's a beautiful pen in a very unorthodox manner.

Ralph Lauren Quilted Coverlet Bedspread And Pillows approx 650AUD

I am used to duvets and a sheet and you rarely need a blanket in a Sydney winter.  However, I like the idea of a bed as a decorative piece of art in the room and whilst my own bed is rather spartan, I would love to add some 'jazz hands' with a quilted coverlet from Ralph Lauren. The only trouble is you then need to know how to make your bed to get a 'hotel' finish. Could be good if your other half is into making beds of you have a 'Maria whoosh' to help around the house, if not, it might be too much hard work. Proceed with caution.

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