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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Australia - You Will Soon Have More Options - Caulaincourt Comes Down Under

There are so few great shoe stores for men in Sydney. The big international brands like Ferragamo, Gucci, Tods, Bally, Vuitton etc, they are all here - but they offer variations on the same theme each year and often you get lost in their branding. I strongly dislike that branding stuff that companies like Louis Vuitton or Gucci do where you have to see their gold buckle take over the shoe or the leather has to be stamped over and over with their logo. It's so painful and I don't understand why they do it. To me it is a little like having someone walk up to you and repeat their name to you in conversation. If somebody walked up to me and said "hi, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci, my name is Gucci " you would eventually just punch said person in the head to make them come to their senses and yet somehow thousands of people flock to buy these products each year.

I might add, and respectfully, that I am a little surprised that even brands like Hermes do this with their H. If I could tell you what I love most about Hermes it's when they make art out of a screen print on a pocket square, not an H.

So, pleasantly, I was surprised to hear that Caulaincourt of Paris, a brand that makes really nice footwear but not the type that is heavily branded, is coming to Australia. Caulaincourt, amongst many other things, make superb patina chelsea boots. Below you will see their wonderful shoes which were brought past the Le Noeud Papillon Studio in Sydney and I am hoping that at some stage in 2016 we might offer a drinks night and trunk show at the Studio to welcome them to our country.

Australian men, the wait for great unbranded shoes is over, let us just hope that the dollar picks up against the euro.

Follow Caulaincourt Australia on Instagram - @caulaincourtaustralia 

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