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Monday, December 28, 2015

An Accidental Cultural Phenomenon Might Have Just Been Discovered Down Under

Recently a friend invited me in to see something that he'd amazingly found in a vintage store - a cream silk serge double breasted dinner jacket from Harrod's of London. 

My meticulous friend is not the sort of type to wear vintage. Nor a silk jacket. So, as you can imagine, it must have been something partcularly wonderful to catch his discerning eye. 

So eager was he for me to see his jacket that he grabbed his old Le Noeud Papillon wedding shirt and put it on so he could throw over the jacket. However, he didn't quite feel up to changing his board shorts for trousers. Inadvertently he got me thinking about menswear. 

Quite often we lounge around like slobs in the Australian summer. It doesn't matter what Woolmark writes on their marketing platform, it's too hot for a suit. And when you come off the beach you are usually still hot into the early evening from the sun cooking your skin. As night falls if you are sitting outside al fresco the most you ever really want is a sports jacket. 

So, this is my take on it. What about making social events in the evening somewhat formal up top with your Sunday best board shorts on the bottom. It might sound a little ridiculous to start with but let me assure you that this is summer evening cocktail chic. A pina colada or margarita in your hand, your feet in a boat-shoe/moccasin/slipper/loafer/driving shoe, your best pair of fancy print board shorts and a light shirt with a fancy jacket. It's a way to celebrate dressing well without losing the comfort of dressing light for summer.

And if you are worried about it looking funny for photos, consider it the Ron Burgundy look of fashion, if everybody takes a seat you will get a photograph that looks like it's one helluva swish soiree.

Australian men, if you give one look a go this summer, try the Ron Burgundy. I know I will.

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