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Monday, December 28, 2015

New Silk Designs From Le Noeud Papillon For 2016

I don't know which days are more exciting, either receiving strike outs from Italy or watching the first batch of bows come off the bench. There is perhaps more excitement when you receive a strike out, and there is more risk and trepidation when you are watching them come off the bench. 

We design silks for the application of bow ties so the silks invariably on the roll look fantastic. However, not always is it possible that the vision you had when you designed the silk will actually work when cut to the pattern specifications for a particilar shape of bow tie. Diamond points are usually the riskier patterns to get right. The easiest is a big butterfly.

Below three new designs came through. The first (below) was inspired by a piece of art I had seen of recent. The thought of creating simple shapes with contrasting colours on black backdrop was in part an homage to Marc Mendelson  after I saw one of this paintings "La Limites De La Nuit" on The Snob Report. 

The second design was completed by my friend in Milan, Alarico Arenosto. Alarico, as some of you may well remember, was the architect residing in Sydney who has in the past made some of our most interesting and notable silk designs. I asked Alarico to put forward a design which might have inspired him of recent and he came back with the design below (middle image) that was inspired by tiles he found on the Church of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. 

Finally, the simplicity of the stars, which is another new design we will produce for 2016, is probably the most simplistic design we have produced in some time which we think will work well for those looking for a less is more bow tie for day wear.

If you would like pre-order a bow tie or neck tie in your desired shape in any of these silks, please contact us on

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