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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Four Menswear Fashion Trends 2015 And A Bit Of A Forecast - Expect To See More Of This

One: The Mandarin Collar

The mandarin collar is a magical collar which has not been used much in suits or jackets in recent years. Since the wave of over-sized peaked lapels has taken it's grip on menswear, it would not be surprising to see the trend-setters looking for something else to sink their teeth into. To my mind a mandarin collar with a notched lapel or, as it is seen below, with no lapel, seems like a pretty good move for a trend setter and his early adopters. 

Mandarin Collar - Photo Reference: Guerreisms

Two: Blue & Green

Blue and green should never be seen - or so that adage goes. But it's not the case at the moment. Blue and green are the hottest things to be paired together at the moment and I can't take my off those products that get it right. Just last night a Sydney newsreader was wearing a blue and green neck tie on the news and it was very arresting. 

Blue & Green - Photo Reference: Guerreisms 

Three: Patterns And Prints On Wool

This is the real deal. It's avant-garde, it's exciting, it's a way of making the same the same but different. This jacket cut is not something that's revolutionary but you apply the patterns and place them as they are and you have a brand new product in a brand new space. I wouldn't just consider paisley either, I envisage soon you will see big polka dots, geometric motifs and more. Keep an eye out.

Paisley Wool Print - Photo Reference: Guerreisms 

Four: The Magic Of The Right Pink With The Right Grey

Too many men shy away from pink in suits and jackets. It's why pink is like a beautiful country with a small population and very low immigration. Once you live in this space you can lord it over the rest because you are a renegade merely by picking up the colour. However, once you enter a world of pink you must be careful of two things. It must be the right shade or type of pink (some pinks are just not right) and you must pair it with the right contrast colour. Pink loves apple. Pink loves navy. Pink loves white. Pink loves grey. But the right kind only. Below is an example of someone who managed to find the right pink and marry it with the right grey. Stunning stuff. Perhaps not a menswear 'trend' but I envisage it will inspire more men to follow suit.

Pink & Grey - Photo Reference: Guerreisms 

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