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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Make It A Gift, Even If It's To Yourself

When I shop retail stores one of the things I've never been fond of is that experience you have once you've decided that you are purchasing, that you must stand around waiting for the sales representative to fold your garment, wrap it into tissue paper, then into a box, then the ribbon. After it's all done there are some whispers between staff members, then an indication that they are ready to swipe your credit card whilst they re-check your post code and email address. It's a bit much really. By the end of it I am already questioning whether I really could afford what I just bought.

Although online shopping can never and will never replace a retail store there are a few advantages that we enjoy which retailers and florists must be green with envy over. The first is that when we are packing our items we do not have the customer hovering above us so we can take our time. The second is that we can afford, since the customer is not in front of us, to take liberties with time that do not affect the customer. If the retailer began pre-tying the bow tie in front of you it might seem a little gauche, but for us it's part of the service. Adding a small whiff of our favourite scent so that it makes for a fragrant experience opening up our envelopes, again, a small liberty. We are not wasting your time, only our own. And it's not wasted, not when you receive a compliment like this one last month:

 "I'm always pleasantly surprised by how quickly your parcels arrive. The process of removing the ribbon and opening the monogrammed box to find a perfectly wrapped masterpiece, scented with the fragrance of mandarin is a heady experience. It recalls memories of anticipation and excitement when opening a present as a child. Every detail of the presentation has beenbow ties collected by le noeud papillon patrons carefully choreographed and wonderfully executed by the team at LNP."
W. Cardwell

Have you ever had the experience of going into a retail store and asking for something to be gift wrapped? It's often an Odyssey that none of us have the time to indulge in. 

The new limited golden box has arrived and so far it seems to be the best box we've made to date. And the beauty is we have the time to pack our bow ties well. However, the golden box is not for our standard bow ties, it is for our limited edition silks, reverso and gold plated clip bow ties bought from our website at our recommended retail price.

Isn't it high time that you rewarded yourself with a gift? Shop?

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