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Friday, July 10, 2015

Bespoke Moth Of Sydney Pop-Overs - Winter & Summer Weights

Recently we were approached by a customer of our bow ties who was a rather large and jolly shape and wanted to custom make some Moths with us. He was beyond the size of our XXL and he found it very difficult to find decent quality polo styled collared t-shirts in the city.

In the end he worked off our Paddington Moth and we cut him an entirely custom made t-shirt and chose our short sleeve cuff rather than our yarn dyed ribbing. I have informed him that the Moth is here ready for him but I have yet to see it on. 

At the same time this week we also finished a custom long sleeve Moth for another chap. It was in our royal blue filo scozia yarn dyed jersey knit with royal blue oxford shirting cuff with a custom concealed button down curved cutaway collar and a yarn dyed ribbing cuff and finished with Australian mother of pearl buttons on the placket. If this all sounds like Greek to you, don't worry. Effectively what I am trying to alert you to is that you can pretty much customise your body fabric, the shape and structure of your collar, your cuff shape and fabric quality and your embroidery. It is no different to making a bespoke shirt, only you end up with a short sleeve or long sleeve collared t-shirt (polo) at the end rather than a business shirt.

Who would want such a service? 

Ideally it is for men who cannot fit into a standard range t-shirt. Either they are too big, too long, too short, too tall, too muscular or too thin. For whatever reason, they would like to create something for themselves.

Who wouldn't want such a service?

Anyone who can fit off the rack and doesn't wish to customise their t-shirt. It's not cheap to make a bespoke collared t-shirt, so we only wish to serve those people who require a custom solution.

How long does a bespoke t-shirt take to make?

Approximately 2 weeks from your first appointment to delivery. Unfortunately, as we are still teething in this new service, the only way for us to really gauge your requirements is by a full measure at our Sydney Studio. Working over the internet is not good enough at this stage.

If you are interested in this service, please make contact with us through Le Noeud Papillon's website to make an appointment. Prices start from 295AUD (current 10.7.2015).

A bespoke Moth Of Sydney pop-over collared t-shirt for a Sydney customer. Custom pop-overs require a complete physical measure for a shirt. To book an appointment please see Le Noeud Papillon's website. 

In situ, a concealed button down curved cutaway collar in royal blue oxford with a filo scozia yarn dyed jersey knit in royal blue Moth of Sydney bespoke pop-over.

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