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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hermès Silk Bomber Jackets And The Like - When You Have Supreme Swagger

A Confession: 

I am underneath all of it, a big tart. And, though I cloak myself mainly in wool suits, sports jackets and jeans - mostly in navy - in actual fact I have a streak of hip hop in me that aspires to a Run DMC / NWA or Public Enemy kind of get up. Occasionally it  just has to come out, like a fashionable form of Tourettes disease, usually in the form of Air Jordan kicks or occasionally a bomber jacket.

That being said, mostly I can contain it and I remain in control.

Something stirred in me a year ago though. I was in the Sydney store of Hermès and I bumped into the finance director who happened to be on the floor and whom I knew socially. He was walking me through the current collection and then I walked past a silk jacket which blew my mind. The panel matching. The quality of the colour and richness of the silk. The lightness of the jacket. The workmanship. It was overwhelming.

"How much is that one?" I asked. 

I don't recall his answer. I think I just switched off because it was well out of my price league and it was for ladies he informed me. But then he added "Pharell Williams was doing a show in Queensland and he was in our Brisbane store and he wanted this particular jacket here to wear on stage but we did not have his size'.

Quel domage.... Because of all the style icons that would have gotten away with wearing a female silk bomber jacket on stage and then inspiring other men to do so, I would say Pharell Williams was your man. I for one am glad he didn't get a chance to because it might have become my next acquisition beyond Air Jordan shoes. The trouble with having a penchant for hip hop outfits like those I have described is that they mostly suit lithe slinky men of a short stature. They are not made for human oafs like myself with a cheese and wine portly stature who are edging on forty. 

However, might I suggest this. If you haven't given up hope that one day you might raise a crowd up and down based on your lyrical magic, if you still believe you are young at heart and if you have the courage to walk down the street with the swagger of a man who gives autographs after breakfast, then consider a pair of quality kicks and a bomber jacket like the ones below. 

You will get old, you will go grey but what you cloak yourself in will brighten your day.

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