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Monday, June 15, 2015

Reviews And Testimonials For Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney - Our Bows Have An 'Almost Addictive Quality'

Although I frown upon most drug use and the trade of drugs, you must admit, when watching a show such as Breaking Bad, that making a product which is highly addictive and which causes customers to part willingly and regularly with their money, must be a heady experience for drug cooks such as the fictional character of Walter White. The bow tie trade is nothing like such a trade. In fact, you work very hard to secure and keep customers, especially when we rely on the internet to put our products in front of our supposed target audience. Further, we don't get to spend time talking to our customers directly. Our Studio in Sydney is for custom and wedding bow ties as we have retailers in the city which handle our off the rack trade. So, it's not that often we get feedback, good or bad, and when we do, we like to take stock of it. The below email, requested as feedback from customers who had shopped our site regularly, was such a welcomed piece of appreciation for our craft last week just when I felt most unsure as to the future direction our business should take. Of course, we do welcome constructive feedback, good or bad, through our website.

I recently received my ‘Number 5’ bow tie from Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney which looks even better in the flesh than on your website. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how quickly your parcels arrive. The process of removing the ribbon and opening the monogrammed box to find a perfectly wrapped masterpiece, scented with the fragrance of mandarin is a heady experience. It recalls memories of anticipation and excitement when opening a present as a child. Every detail of the presentation has been carefully choreographed and wonderfully executed by the team at LNP.

Using the occasion of my latest purchase to organise my bows, I was surprised to discover I had purchased 13 from LNP, excluding pocket squares and boutonnières. All in a surprisingly short period of time. My wife remained silent except for a single quietly spoken word, "13?”. The question hung in the air.

Searching, I explained my purchases as forward planning or perhaps a sudden rush of blood whenever LNP announces a Dutch Auction or a Flash Sale.

Had I not been caught off guard, I could have said that choosing a single bow had proven to be impossible, as they seem to have an almost addictive quality. Or perhaps, I buy them for the same reason that people climb mountains, because they are there?

Later, over a glass of wine, I finally found an answer with which I was happy. The truth is, I take great pleasure in wearing the best bow ties I have ever seen and unlike many articles of clothing, the absolute best is affordable to almost anyone who feels so inclined.

Thank you Le Noeud Papillon for your excellent and personal service. I remain your loyal and happy customer.

W Cardwell
South Coast, New South Wales, Australia

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