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Friday, June 5, 2015

Sullivan's Cove - Award Winning Australian Made Tasmanian Whiskey

Sullivan's Cove is an Australian whiskey from Tasmania that has won the 2014 World Whiskey Awards for the best single malt whiskey. When I canvassed my friends as to how an Australian whiskey could take out the award they said that the Scottish and Irish didn't have a monopoly on quality these days and that Japanese whiskey was held in higher esteem by many, which included a New Yorker I had staying with me in January. He went hunting all across Sydney for one particular Japanese scotch which was sold out across the USA. Most of my friends also said that it wasn't surprising that Tasmania was popping up as a great place for whiskey owing to the climate, the water and the remoteness of this mostly unspoilt chunk of land at the bottom of Australia.

I don't wish to ride on the shirt tails of the success of Sullivan's Cove - I am sure that they rolled up their sleeves and did the work - but I'd like to say that they're not the only Australian company challenging the status quo on where quality comes from. I'd like to think the little bow wrapped around that first class whiskey might take out an award some day too...

PS: I just had a chap write in to say I know nothing about whiskey/whisky/scotch and I am using the words incorrectly. I will investigate further and I do apologise to those that know more about the subject - I am good at drinking it but not much else and after the third glass I add an 'e' because I am already slurring and swearing like a pirate. :) 

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