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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Top Hashtags Of Instagram For Menswear

A customer of mine who was purchasing several very elegant Le Noeud Papillon bespoke shirts using shirting from the Monti 200 2 ply, Carlo Riva twills and poplins and Canclini Lusso Rothschild fabrics ranges, paused during one of our fittings and said 'what cuff is that?' pointing to my shirt.

The cuff was one I had found on Instagram and having liked it I had got it made for myself. 'This, oh, this is a cuff on a shirt I saw from Canali. Do you follow Instagram?"

"No" he responded, "but I pay you to be".

At first I thought he was being somewhat derisive but then I realised he was quite serious. Most customers over the age of 40 are not interested in social media and merely want you to guide them towards what is the current look and to ensure they don't look 'old hat' . Other than that, they have no interest in menswear and style. I tried again to persuade the man to take up Instagram but he would not have a bar of it.

It got me thinking though as to what were the best examples of hashtag searches for menswear if one decided to download Instagram and plug themselves into the social media pipeline. Here are a list of hashtags and accounts that I believe are worth looking at.

(NB: For those of you in my parents generation that don't know what a # tag or a hashtag is; it is a way of categorizing content under a subject matter across various social media sites. So, if I write #sartorialporn when I search images it will search for like-minded people who think that a particular photo reveals to them clothes that are so alluring that they compare to pornography. Or, for example, men who like to polish their shoes to a mirror finish might post content under #shoeshine or #glacage or perhaps #mirrorfinish . Chances are someone has posted something under the # tag you desire to search, so search anyway. )

1. #menswear : to begin with this is your anchor. From here you can springboard onto a whole lot of stuff, but if you get stuck you can always come back to this one.

2. #blacktie : one of my favourites is to see what people are posting for evening wear because for me this is the pinnacle of menswear fashion.

3. #lapel : this is an awesome tag I have found which goes right to the nitty gritty of menswear, what is your lapel shaped like and what have you got on it or around it. It also, usually, gives you a close up of the wool and shirt combination which you don't get if the photo is taken from afar.

4. #dandy : as you would expect, the peacocks like to post under this hashtag to flag the attention of other peacocks.

5. #bespoke : as you would imagine, if a tailor has just produced something unique, they will post under this tag. This will often also cover you for shoes and other menswear accessories.

6. #bowties : let's face it, the self-tied bow tie is the high altar of menswear fashion and if a guy is going to post on instagram under this tag he's likely to be dressed to the nines.

7. #custom : not as common as #bespoke but worthy of looking at when used in conjunction to #menswear

8. #berluti : i love this tag not for the menswear but just because to look at berluti shoes is as pleasing as staring into your favourite vista.

9. #dapper : those that don't post themselves as dandy will alternately consider themselves as dapper. So, this tag is the watered down sister tag to #dandy.

10. #wool : not the most amazing tag but when used with other tags such as #suit or #silk you will find amazing content on these searches often leading you from one place to another.

And if I could recommend some people that I currently follow:

@thesnobreport : my favourite Instagram account where an eccentric gentleman posts his daily outfits which include some of the most desired menswear brands in the world.

@italianroom : everything to do with menswear Italian style.

@hamishbowles : a portal into a world of high living from the New York Vogue writer.

@rcallahanphoto : the world according to dandy portrait photographer Rose Callahan

@simplydapperdotcom : a lot of sartorial porn posted daily

@wolfluxury : a world of high living which included architecture you will never be able to afford and cars you will never drive.

@vanityfair : they post some immaculate photos which often include celebrities wearing clothes you would love to own.

@timelessman - a new Australian blog dedicated to covering Australian menswear news.

Le Noeud Papillon's Instagram Account: Often posting under #bowties

#menswear #bowties #braces #silk .... the popular searches of Intagram

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