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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BEGÜM KHAN Cufflinks - Very Unique

Cufflinks is a funny business. I have fewer and fewer French cuffed shirts these days and with only one calendar date for black tie this year I can't see myself needing them at all in 2014. I do, however, love looking at cufflinks and considering a purchase of cufflinks and I always admire a businessman I pass in the street that knows his cufflinks. That's because if you are into them, then they are their own art form.

About a month or two ago on Instagram I came across a particularly striking set. Far from looking like those volume based sets you find in department stores or online menswear stores, these were very unique. Conjuring up to my mind something that looked like it could be orbiting in a galaxy far far away or perhaps inside a treasure cave found in Egypt, these delightful cufflinks had a whole other set of DNA.

The cufflinks are by BEGÜM KHAN , a brand that started in 2012 in Istanbul and now is stocked in stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London etc. 

The cufflinks are all hand-made in Turkey using a bronze base metal and then plating that in either silver, 24 carat rose gold or rhodium. The cufflinks are then covered in stones such as amethyst, black quartz, emerald root and sapphire root. Some of the models which I really love are finished with enamel. Part of the charm of these cufflinks is that they have a certain hand-made look and feel about them which is to say they don't look like they came from a press which made 10,000 units in a day.

Although I rarely have a need for cufflinks these days I do recommend that if you are considering purchasing a fresh set, then it's worth checking out BEGÜM KHAN. You can see their website here: .

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