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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Smart Alternative To A T-Shirt And A Shirt

For months now I have been working on a new collared t-shirt label with an old friend of mine. We have been itching to get these to market but like with any product you attempt to put into production, there are enormous hurdles to be overcome along the way. Nevertheless, Moth Of Sydney is now a reality after months of going back and forth in refining the designs.

Quite simply Moth Of Sydney  was born out of a desire to create a high-grade Italian jersey cotton into a beautiful and timeless collared t-shirt to be worn as an alternative to a shirt. Both my friend and me were tired of the existing polo t-shirts that were out there in the market. I could tell you all the problems that we found with them but I am almost sure that you might have experienced the same thing. The elements to a great t-shirt are similar across all brands. The considerations are things like:  fit, sizing ranges, fabrication methods and sewing details, collar fabrics, sleeve fabrics, how the collar sits, the length of the sleeves, the body fabric, the branding, the packaging and so on. 

What we decided upon was to concentrate on the quality of the fabric and the make and less about branding. Of course, we love the moth we've decided upon, but it's not about the moth, it's about the quality and the construction. Initially will be offering two models in a variety of colourways. Each model will be named after a Sydney suburb with the hope that by the time we finish up we'll have covered all of Sydney! 

1. Bronte

The Bronte was designed with the view of a person walking off a Sydney beach wearing one of our t-shirts and being able to walk straight into a fine dining restaurant with the addition of a blazer. To do this we worked on creating a button-down collar that held it's structure under a blazer. We did this by looking at the construction of a shirt collar and then re-working this back to a collared t-shirt in jersey. We also allowed a much longer placket than a standard t-shirt, borrowing this concept from what is commonly known in Australian English as a 'pop-over' . This meant that the end of the placket near reached the break of a blazer jacket making it not immediately obvious as to whether you are wearing a shirt or a t-shirt. The cotton is an Italian jersey which is yarn dyed and in some instances it will be derived from pima cotton (Egyptian cotton) and in other instances we will use blends of cotton and other fibres such as silk. The models will be split up by solid colours and collar/cuff contrasts.

Light enough to see the fabric of the torso beneath but opaque against the skin. These high-quality Italian jerseys will keep you very cool and calm all day long.

Holding structure from the morning to the evening - our yarn dyed jersey cottons have been finished with a shirt styled collar that holds shape and keeps you look structured all day.

2. Watson

The Watson will be our second model an it is a classic polo styled t-shirt made of yarn-dyed pique and jersey and featuring a yarn-dyed ribbed collar and sleeve. These t-shirts are with no front branding to allow an uninterrupted solid block look with heavy concentration on the quality of the materials used and the cut of the block.

Join The Mailing List And Facebook Page

If you would like to be one of the first to own these models once they come off the bench, it's best to be on our mailing list or watch our Facebook page. The initial offer will be made to those that join first and will be delivered prior to our shopping cart going live. We will also offer a substantial discount off the RRP for those that join early and purchase packs of 3 or more t-shirts. 

If you would like to see more of the details, go to our Facebook page where we will upload more information over the coming days.

No front emboirdery on our t-shirts to allow for an uninterrupted look, more like that of a shirt. The only detail you will find is on the left sleeve head where we place our moth. 

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