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Monday, May 27, 2013

We've Been Out Of Blog Action But We Have Something We Need From You

There is a reason you have not heard as much from us as usual. Between moving offices, adjusting to a new apartment and being swamped in social media and bereft of creativity, I just decided to stop writing. Instead, and because we are generally getting lazier and lazier as a society when it comes to sharing new content, I have turned my attention to those things which you can do whilst sitting in a cafe or changing the channel on the television.... Instagram and Pinterest

To be honest, my girlfriend is tired of me using the expression 'to be honest' and 'frankly' and 'basically', which basically, to be honest with you, I find it frankly appalling. But, to be honest with you, I am over social media. I am frankly addicted to it. It is a great way to share the small stories of your day and the little wins of your business but it is fluff in my opinion. The only thing I can say in it's favour is that if a picture tells a thousand words then it is a very succinct message to people out there - telling them what you do and what you aspire to.

By all means have a look at our two accounts, some of which gives you a portal into what I am looking at but by no means am I done with the blog.

And, on another front, I would love some help from my blog readers. I cannot decide which of my two designs I prefer for my latest pocket square. If you could be so kind as to leave a comment below, perhaps it will help me make a final decision. 

Any comments are more than welcome but do keep them constructive. The genesis of this new pocket square has come from Norman Lindsay's water colours (which I will discuss later) and John Keat's poem 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' both of whom have created works that have left a lasting impression on me. 

We worked with a German illustrator in Cologne who has been so supportive in going back over the work until we were satisfied. We are now down to the last two iterations and I am looking forward to putting this new work into production.

The work started as a series of pencil illustrations which over time have been modified until we were happy. Once this process was completed, the illustrator, a man called Christian, spent a number of days vectorising the graphic until the entire process was shifted from a pencil drawing into an Adobe Illustrator file. 

Eventually the design will be sent to our silk screen printers who will then transform the design into 6 different screens which will then be printed on layer by layer until the final silk is ready at which point the dye is set by a process of steaming the silk. This is a very laborious process and accordingly we will be charging more for these pocket squares.

Copyright  Le Noeud Papillon 2013 - Design 1 - YAY OR NAY?

Copyright Le Noeud Papillon 2013 - Design 2 - YAY OR NAY?


  1. Tough call, but design 1 gets my vote.

  2. in design 2 the background steals my focus, whereas design 1 seems a stronger and warmer visual. i also love the pop of green in 1.