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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cold Comfort For Change

There is a go-to song that really hits the mark whenever you feel you are living like a genie trapped in a lantern and it resonates as cold comfort with men struggling with change in their lives. Tonight as I drove home across the Harbour Tunnel from the North Shore it was such a soothing anecdote. You have to love Supertramp. As I once said to an Australian music artist, it is one thing to write a catchy tune, it is yet another to combine it with intuitive and emotive lyrics.

So you think you're a Romeo, playing a part in a picture-show 
We take the long way home, take the long way home 
Cos you're the joke of the neighbourhood, why should you care if you're feeling good 
Take the long way home, take the long way home 
There are times that you feel you're part of the scenery, all the greenery is comin' down boy 
Then your wife seems to think you're part of the furniture, oh it's peculiar, she used to be so nice 

Lonely days turn to lonely nights, you take a trip to the city lights 
And take the long way home, take the long way home 
You never see what you want to see, forever playing to the gallery 
You take the long way home, take the long way home 
When you're up on the stage it's so unbelievable, unforgettable, how they adore you 
But then your wife seems to think you're losing your sanity, oh calamity, well is there no way out? 

(Ooh, take the long way home) 
(Take it, take it, take it home) 

Does it feel that you life's become a catastrophe, oh it has to be for you to grow boy 
When you look through the years and see what you could have been, oh what might have been if you'd had more time 
So when the day comes to settle down, who's to blame if you're not around? 
You took the long way home....

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