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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Testimonial From A Discerning Japanese Customer

Do you ever find yourself questioning whether you made the right choices in life? I do. Less and less these days, but I still do. At the end of my university studies I might have gone on to trade gold, resources, agricultural commodities or I might have got a job in a bank. All these options were available to me or so I believed. After I failed at most of the different jobs I tried I decided that the only way I might make a crust was to try working in the obscure jobs that either nobody else wanted or didn't have the skills to do. I have managed the Sydney Comedy Store, I have managed a newsagency, I have sold compost bins and worm farms, timber floors, I have been a wedding dj, a website designer, I have worked as a building labourer and owned a nightclub. Nobody, apart from the nightclub where you can't believe anyone who slaps you on the back (fickle industry), has ever paid me a compliment for my work. Until my present vocation.... So, I think I might just stick to this trade because at least people appreciate my little papillons.

Dear Le Noeud Papillon,

Thank you very much for your kind email and most pleasant service. I sincerely appreciate it.
In fact I have received the parcel already. WOW! I am truly impressed first of all with this gorgeous package, and with the unique quality I haven't seen for a while for the bow ties!
Please accept my compliments for the great job you have done and for those amazing styles you have developed. Thanks a lot for the small present too, it is truly awesome!
I am going on a world travelling expedition and I am planning on stopping all my internet connections, but I am looking forward to being back online to choose more styles from your shop.
Thank you very much once again.

Best regards and good luck!


PS:  I have taken a glimpse of your blog, for me that's quite interesting and I wish I had more time to read it, just wanted to note, you have a great style of your own and very nice sense of fashion! :)
If you have a real shop of yours I will happily get there whilst I travel, who knows maybe will have fate to meet you there as well.

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