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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Case You Are Slow On The Uptake

If you are inclined to read blogs but you don't do Facebook then you are kind of missing out. This week we have had a terrific response to our Facebook competition to win one of our limited edition umbrellas which you can see by scrolling down below. It was mere a matter of logging onto our Facebook page and pasting in your favourite quote from an author or public figure on bows or ties. Our Facebook page is at


Here are some of the quotes we had sent in:

From Ian Henderson:

Sir Percy Blakeney (on the composition of his poem about the Scarlet Pimpernel) "Would you believe me, I've just written a masterpiece. ... All about this mysterious Pimpernel fellow. How it came to me Heaven only knows, because it was the busiest moment of the day. Damn me, I was tying my cravat."

From Ted Hammer, USA

 Bow ties are tattoos for conservatives. ...

From Gillian Myerberg Polsky, USA

That is why, no matter how desperate the predicament is, I am always very much in earnest about clutching my cane, straightening my derby hat and fixing my tie, even though I have just landed on my head.
Charlie Chaplin

From Jimmy Damgaard Poulsen

Most men who wears bow ties, wears them, because most men don´t. - I don´t know who said it, but it´s true!

From Mac Broderick, USA

"As I climbed up the narrow path leading to Elizabeth Spring I passed a crowd of men, both civilians and military, who, as I discovered later, form a class in itself among those who wait for the movement of the waters. They drink, but not water, go out but little, make love for amusement in a half-hearted way--they gamble and complain of boredom. They are dandies. They assume affected poses as they dip their wickered glasses into the sulfur water. The civilians show off pale-blue neckties, and the army men, ruffs showing above their collars. They express a deep disdain for provincial society and sigh at the thought of the aristocratic drawing rooms of the capital, which don't accept them." - Pechorin's journal, from Lermontov's "A Hero of Our Time"

From Alan Mercer, UK

'A Bow Tie is a statement! almost an act of defiance'.
Rick Kaplan an American TV Producer/News Anchorman.

From Ray Frensham, London, England

"Wearing a bow tie is a way of expressing an Aggressive lack of concern for what Other people think."

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