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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fashion Trends For Men In 2013 Using Two Of My Favourite Blogs

I have used two of my favourite blogs to talk about fashion trends for 2013. If you don't watch men's fashion or fashion in general, the two most interesting blogs to follow to see emerging sidewalk trends, for me, are Guerreisms and StreetFsn. This is a quick and easy portal into men's fashion in general. If you are looking to create a new look for the Australian winter in 2013, do take a look at the following:

What I can tell you are trends to watch out for (but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am right, it's just that it did catch my eye) are as follows:

1. More from wool. Wool in it's various forms is still highly sought after. Prince of Wales checks and box checks are still in. Moving now away from say a 3 piece suit in one wool type and now mixing and matching three different types of wool for your pants, jacket and vest is a hot look.

2. Sublimated and digital printing are very big. People are looking towards creating digital images on their clothes and then fabric matching those prints together.

3. Fabric matching. Definitely in. The most famed fabric print matcher is Roberto Cavalli, but realistically this technology is now available to everyone, especially those that digitally print. It merely means that you print the fabric pieces on the cloth to match up. It wastes more fabric but it means that the garment looks like a single piece of art that comes together rather than just a uniform print. It is also known as 'panel matching' I believe.

4. Women wearing men's clothes. Ala Annie Hall, women, jealous of the peacock revolution, are joining in on the fun and suiting up. This will be a small trend but it will be visually over-reported. It looks great though.

5. Something for your head. Headwear will feature more over the winter season. Felt hats and bowler hats will come back in. Vibrancy in colour will be the key difference.

6. Individual leather goods. Men will spend more time looking for and acquiring leather goods from small production houses rather than the same old larger production houses offering the same old wares.

NB: Using street photography blogs as fashion litmus tests these days is not necessarily an authentic 'sidewalk' reference because most of these characters are photographed time and time again in the same locations across the same cities. The caravan circus moves from Milan to New York to Florence then to London and Paris etc etc. Because it revolves around fashion shows and fashion types, you can't use it as a REAL example of sidewalk trends because each of these individuals is pushing something or knows personally the photographer. They are however fashion forward people and the trends often emerge commercially a year later.

Women joining the peacock revolution... More of this I believe in 2013

Fashion blogs are not necessarily representative of mainstream fashion trends. Some of the looks are very esoteric.

Angelo Flaccavento and the contrasting beanie - IN

Colourful felt, canvas, wool or cotton hats with vibrant hat bands - IN

Pairing 3 different wools together between trouser, vest and jacket, VERY IN

Digital printing - the way of the future in print matching technology

I don't take this look seriously. He looks a little like a 'dirty sanchez' and only Ron Burgundy will  be salivating over this outfit.

Fabric panel matching clothes. Something made famous by Roberto Cavalli but now widely available and being experimented with everywhere.

Lino Ieluzzi of Al Bazaar fame

Nicholas Wooster in a glorious Prince Of Wales check

To the right, blogger Simon Crompton of Permanent Style

Women dressed like men, a little Annie Hall-esque - I really like this  look

Fabric panel matching - very in

Traditional 50's inspired clothes for older men, very in.

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  1. You're absolutely right about pink and apricot, but they seem to be okay with darker shades of the red spectrum like burgundy or terracotta. And purple is a much cooler color.
    Thank's & Regard's
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