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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Being an Australian with Greek heritage means that I get to enjoy two Easters each year. Our own Easter does not come until one week after the Jews have celebrated passover. Why this is the rule I have no idea at all, perhaps it is a respect for the fact that the Jews' religion pre-dates ours, well, not technically if you take into account we also believe in the Old Testament. Now look at that, the moment I start talking about religion I get confused.... I will have to ask Oppenheimer for some clarification. Speaking of Jews and Gentiles, that reminds me of a great joke a young rabbi told me last week which coincides with Easter and the arrival of a new Pope. He began:

Every time a new Pope is elected, a few days later he is paid a visit by the head Rabbi who walks into the Vatican, walks up to the newly elected Pope and hands him the oldest most ratty tatty envelope. The tradition is that the Pope receives the envelope and hands it back. The tradition has been going on since the birth of the Catholic Church.

One day, a young new Pope is elected and at the same time, the old Rabbi passes over and his young son takes up the post as Rabbi. The young Rabbi is told that he must go and see the new Pope out of respect of tradition and is handed the ratty envelope. He goes to the Vatican and hands the envelope the Pope but the young Rabbi, finding the Pope very agreeable, asks him if they might share a glass of wine together.

They go back to the Pope's apartment and there they open a bottle of wine. After a few glasses the young Rabbi says "Don't you think this is ridiculous, that we have done this generation after generation, down through the ages of ages and not one of us had opened the letter". After a few more glasses of wine, both agree that it is time to unravel the great mystery. The Pope opens the envelope and reads it's contents:

Moishe's Catering Service,
Invoice Outstanding For Last Supper Jesus Of Nazareth....

The Pope then promptly handed back the letter to the Rabbi.

Jokes aside, last night I had the night to myself so I decided to pay homage to the carpenter by painting his image on a pocket square. It is still frustrating when you work for an hour to create outlines that then bleed, but the art of making a great hand-painted pocket squares is that you need to break everything down to baby steps and give each step plenty of time. Patience is a key, there is no slip slop slap here. It is definitely not screen printing.

Happy Easter folks and I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends. It is what Jesus would have wanted.

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