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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Send someone a very special gift this festive season, one which they can't get anywhere else.
We, and when I say we I mean my lady and I (do I write 'me' here or is it 'I' ?), are off to New York for Christmas. I am off to stay with an old friend from Paris who moved back home to Manhattan post the GFC and then I am off to explore Vermont for a couple of days to see whether I can bear the cold. It has been a terrific year for us, one which we owe completely to our customers who give us a mandate to continue our work by buying our products.

This year our customers have come from the Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Mexico, China, Canada, South Korea, Italy, France, Spain, Colombia and many more countries that I cannot remember off the top of my head. And then of course, my fellow Australians. To all our customers I say a very big THANK YOU.

During the course of this year we have expanded our product range, our silk suppliers, we've developed new products, challenged what can be done in a Sydney workroom, taken a quilting course, learnt how to embroider, discussed many sartorial topics with Dom Knight on ABC 702 and kept a blog about it the entire year. If anyone had ever told me that business could be exciting  I would have told them that they had rocks in their head. When I was a young man I worked in a newsagency and all I did in the morning was take the money for the newspaper and hand back the change. I vowed that I would never want to work in the realm of retail... but as the business grows, I think perhaps this might in fact be on the agenda for 2013.

Have a merry merry Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you in 2013 if not before.


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