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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Ensemble For Polo In The Park

It was my first time at the Polo in Centennial Park hosted by Paspaley Pearls. The event is one that is marked as one of 'the' social events of the Sydney calendar. Personally, I am never invited to these things - although being very social I usually work much smaller crowds. For this particular event I was lucky enough for the delivery date of a jacket I was working on to coincide with the impromptu invitation I received. What many people did not recognise; as I stood sipping white wine in a pink herringbone Hunt & Winterbotham fabric from Imperial Textiles, a Carlo Riva fabric french fly shirt with club cuff, a pair of Graz sunglasses, a new Le Noeud Papillon bow tie and a missing pocket square from Zimma Tailors that someone had pinched about two minutes earlier and had promised to come back with it..... was that the bulk of the work that got me there was done by this man below in a hot back room somewhere near Leichhardt. His name is Vito and if it weren't for his ability to press a jacket, I would not have been quite as well received on the day. As a side note, notice the titty girl in the top left corner. If his name didn't indicate that he was Italian, then the poster girl ought to have sealed the deal.

And at the end of the day, as I left the park, a tweet came through from Vox Sartoria. It was the final feather in my cap for a great day. I have reproduced it below.

From @Voxsartoria
 "You make great're the 21st century Charvet. "

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