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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Inspires Me When I Get Bored

Sometimes I get very bored. It wouldn't matter if Prince William rang, begging me to make him a jacket, I just lose enthusiasm for everything that is around me. Suddenly your bow ties are irrelevant; tiny pieces of silk which will leave no relevant mark on society, or so I seem to think. Or maybe I just don't want to be remembered as 'the bow tie guy'. Whatever it is, I become bored with my own existence and that is when you need to man up and change your attitude to things around you before your girlfriend starts to tell you that you are a 'real drag'.

It was a cold night about two weeks ago on a Wednesday - it was almost biting - which we rarely get in Sydney. I felt like I was stuck in a matrix, going round in circles, using the same petrol station, getting my car washed in the same place, eating at the same restaurants, going to the same cinemas, meeting up with the same friends and sleeping next to the same woman..... I was coming to a slow grinding halt. I wasn't inspired, I wasn't able to appreciate the small things.

Something as simple as picking up a camera and going to photograph the exact same places I walked past or drove past was the thing I needed to see the same subject matter in a new light. Suddenly when I tried to capture the exact same city skyline in a way that was truest to my naked eye I stumbled upon something significant - 'how you view something is simply a matter of perspective'. What seemed to be an old cliche, revealed itself for the first time as a truism.

I have to thank my lady for that. She was the only one willing to pound the pavement looking for photos, trying to find new ways to see the same photo in a better light, and for helping me see that boredom is only one perspective.

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