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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

StreetFsn Keeps Rolling It Out

This a prolific and amazing set of photos. I have only been referring to the men's clothes on the Street Fsn blog, because this blog is about 'anything to to with bow ties' - but there is a lot more to discover on by way of women's fashion. What I am noting at the moment is the level of colour and contrast that people are experimenting with. And to call it 'Dandy' is not enough. Because it's fashion for me in a new paradigm - you have men dressed, well, like dandys, but with tattoos all over their body and scruffy finishes, then you have the Italian prep of salmon and yellow mixed with navy, or the New York sidewalk pink vest with mid blue trousers or button braces, then the New York traditional prep. Who is to say what is going on at the moment. Which is what makes it so enjoyable. Despite all these men turning up to these events looking 'dandyish' - they are all such striking individuals - make no mistake - this is not a 'movement' as such - it's not even operating in splinter cells - it is every man for himself. It is great to be alive at the moment and to witness this going on - from the streets of Harlem, to Florence, to Milan to Tokyo. The world is doing as it pleases at the moment - well, with respect to men's fashion that is.

The funniest thing of all is that it must be perplexing and styming the big designers everywhere as to how to design for the new 'trend' because no one can really put their finger on it. Designers at the moment have to look at seasonal directions and plan long into the future, whereas this mob of fashion forward men are likely to be using a tailor to have a look ready within four to six weeks. It is a true 'up yours' to the fashion Establishment. How cool.

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