Sharp dresser ... Mad Men's Don Draper.
Men are increasingly taking inspiration from the sartorial influences of the reel world and suiting up for the occasion, writes Steve Dow.
If filmmaker Baz Luhrmann delivers on his promise to remake F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic Prohibition-era story The Great Gatsby, he could be joining an emerging fashion trend.
The opulence of the 1920s has helped the New Jersey mobster TV series Boardwalk Empire make its mark on men's tailoring, both overseas and in Australia.
In the spirit of a cashed-up Atlantic City gambler, Melbourne designer and retailer Arthur Galan has bet on three-piece suits, rich fabrics such as velvet and, as an option, big bow ties. "Neo-preppy", he calls the look in his autumn-winter collections, but the pre-Depression era influence is unmistakable: one model, with slicked-back hair and a shearling fur-trimmed coat, has a super-fine woollen top over a shirt buttoned almost to his Adam's apple.