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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jacket # 1: Where It All Began, A Smoking Jacket

It all began here, with a smoking jacket. It was late 2008 and I had sold my share of my nightclub. I was googling one evening 'smoking jackets' because on the inside of all black tie jackets from Yves St Laurent there is embroidered 'Le Smoking' which is so cool (you will see the YSL jacket in future posts). This was before Tom Ford's collection, before smoking jackets had made a come back. So in this respect I considered myself 'avant garde' and earned the moniker 'The Australian Tom Ford' from my cousin who teased me after Tom Ford released his collection saying that he had ripped off my idea. I loved it. Made me feel 10 feet tall.

So I found myself in the St James Trust building and I met a guy inside Rochefort called Clint and this was the beginning of it all. The jacket is made of Holland & Sherry black velvet (Sydney Office +612 9267 8030). There is piping all around the jacket in black and there is frogging, which needed to be sourced, across the front of the shawl collar jacket.

The highs: Finding the frogging was a major effort - but they managed to get a hold of it thanks to Clint's efforts. The final look of the jacket is fantastic overall.

The lows: Stitching marks are all through the inside of the jacket where the frogging was attached. The shawl lapel silk also had a grain instead of being a satin finish. The jacket does not always close correctly because the maker had little experience with finishing the jacket with frogging.

As for the cloth, it continues to amaze people when I wear it. Holland and Sherry velvet is wonderful stuff.

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