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Friday, June 1, 2018

Bespoke Bow Ties Sydney - We Really Are The Only Place You Can Find This Kind Of Service

Lately I finally took on an SEO expert to try and fight back against the huge corporations like Westfield and the companies offering Chinese bow ties they pick up up for two dollars and sell for twenty. So of course they have the budget to knock off someone like myself who spent a decade making Australian made bow ties from seriously the best silk looms of Italy and the United Kingdom. They offer rubbish, we offer luxury silk bow ties. If you catch my drift, I am writing every ridiculous search criteria for "bow ties Sydney" just so that some gigantic super computer can hopefully spot the real thing from the stuffed websites and SEO programmes of my competitors. 

Of course, we not just about bow ties and luxury silk neck ties and custom and bespoke programmes which deliver our products in Australia, the United States and Canada, but we in fact service the whole wide world. Isn't this just a delight to read. It's extremely contrived but that is what the world does to us, it forced us to bend to it's whim, being overshadowed by the bigger predators and forcing me to be like the Vietcong and fight my own battle with guerilla warfare. And in fact, that's exactly what the corporation is, it is almost like an Imperial Army out of Star Wars - of course - this last sentence won't exactly help my SEO.

But in saying all of this and in trying to get the message across, I hope our readers realise that there is a difference and they can spot it and appreciate it. I could have sold out a long time ago. I could stop cutting my own silks and focus purely on marketing. I could cut corners on fabric and fabrication, but then what would we be? We'd just be another marketing company without a drop of artisan in our DNA. My fight is continue to make our products in Australia and to eventually be THE bow tie company of Australia. Will we get there, ridiculously, depends on how often people click on the images below and share this passage - well, it certainly affects it.

Thank you for listening. Please share if you found this humorous. And shop our website if you wish to support us.

Andy Poupar wearing our Majestic Diamond bow tie in Northern California

Brian Secawa, New York bloger, wearing a custom made black grosgrain silk bow tie by Le Noeud Papillon

Chuck Pollard, the king of ties on Instagram, wearing a custom made Le Noeud Papillon silk neck tie in purple mogador satin silk. 

Peter Overton wearing a Royal blue silk neck tie custom made by Le Noeud Papillon with pink slip stitch details. 

When it comes to bow ties, though I am tired of tooting my own horn, we are pretty much from my understanding the only place in Sydney where you can get a bespoke bow tie and have it turned around in 24 hours. We we make bow ties in Australia for all walks of life and all occasions, holding a large cache of woven jacquard silks from Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan. And all our silks and all our bow ties for sale are made in Australia. So if you are looking for luxury bow ties or a formal bow ties, both men's bow ties in Australia, and for that matter, women too, if you want to know where to buy bow ties. Bow ties online in Australia, bow ties Sydney, if you just need a bow tie, come and see us. We also offer tailored formal shirts in Sydney, tailored shirts to fit all bodies, custom made from the finest shirting cloth. 

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