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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Michael Hope Plays At The Roast And A Reminder Of The Closing Days Of The Portrait Competition

Sometimes you feel that the world is conspiring to give you a difficult day. I had one of those yesterday, when those that you wished to have a working relationship with just can't seem to figure out how to work with you. Then there are other days when everything is smooth sailing and all the elements come together. That day, about three weeks ago now, was as blissful as Van Morrison's 'Days Like These' .

In the lead up to The Roast I called in many favours and one of which was asking Michael Hope who ordinarily I would find on the ground floor of David Jones in Market Street playing piano, to come and do the same for me. I asked him to come and cover my favourite jazz songs for the evening and I sent him a list which included some of the best of Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Jimmy Durante, Dave Brubeck and more. 

It was one of those things which adds polish to an evening and sets a tone of men behaving more like gentlemen than savages. A big grand piano, a grand old pianist. Often I had dropped Michael a bow tie or two, especially when I was in the city dropping of stock to stores. He was always so gracious and once when I was with my daughter he played something for her, Over The Rainbow if I recall correctly.

What a privilege it is when the elements come together, as though it was a kiss or a wink from the Gods. I wish every day were like this, but sadly, once the moment is gone, there is silk to be cut, orders to be processed, designs to be pushed up with the loom, emails to be written and so forth. And it's only when you get a quiet moment that you can write a blog post to thank those that have added value to your life. And thank you Michael, you certainly have.

A reminder to our blog readers and customers that the portrait competition for June is in it's final days. A gift voucher of $1500.00 AUD for the winner. All you have to do it post it on your wall on Instagram and tag us. We'll choose the best one. So, if you have a superlative portrait of yourself in one of our bow ties, get cracking. :) 

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