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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where To Buy Luxury Phone Covers From - For Samsung And Apple Smartphones

It really bugs me when technology gets upgraded to a new device etc but the support systems for that service, software or device have not yet caught up. Such was the case the other week when I was offered a new phone and on receiving it I asked the sales clerk whether they had any cases to match the colour and design of the phone.

"This phone's really new so we haven't gotten in many options at the moment I'm afraid" and they give you that cutesy shrug that makes you want to punch them in the face but instead you just mimic them with the same sort of retarded face and say 'oh, that's a shame'"

In fact it's more than a shame. It means you are usually rendered with the most beautifully designed new device wrapped in a gigantic condom should you want the first iteration of covers. I had decided to run the gauntlet and let my phone sit in my pocket for a week commando. It was lovely and sleek but as is the problem with most of these phones today, the surfaces are so slippery that you can't leave them anywhere without watching them go flying the moment someone bumps the table, hits the brakes, slaps you on the back or asks you to hang on to their bag whilst they search for keys. It's plain old slapstick comedy. And with each time it hits the ground you play a game of probability, like Russian roulette, did I crack my screen or not? You retrieve your phone. Yessssss! I survived. But then, on that one day where you think that it hardly fell anywhere, it just so happened that it hit something on the way down and low and behold you have a cracked screen and you will do absolutely anything in the world to ensure it's fixed that very same day. 

So when you walk into the same store and the sales clerk, who by now forgot he even sold you the slippery sucker says in the same tone "this phone's really really new and we haven't yet got the screens in to replace them, and with that model, it might be like three weeks away and they're really really expensive screens to replace". Again, you feel like punching him in the head, this time twice, but instead you give him the same look as you scrunch up your face and say "really, such a shame, can you sell me a condom for my phone in the interim....".

Anyway, if all of this has not made your skin crawl then I don't know what will. The good news is I tried a new company the other week for phone covers and it's just plain old excellent. Caseology is designed in California but made in South Korea. The covers arrived and, well, whilst perhaps not as robust as my previous grey condom, I am finally at a point where there is a trade off between the functionality of a phone condom and an aesthetic that actually works with my razzle dazzle new phone.

Rose gold and blue cases for mobile phones amongst many other great designs. Excellent quality and I highly recommend them. From Caseology

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