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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Top Menswear Acquisitions In 2016 - The Pure Indulgences

Every year I consider all the things that I would buy if I had the money. Cars never feature heavily, nor do boats. I am skewed towards things I can put on my back, walk the street with or carry on me personally. Mostly I choose these things because they have low maintenance costs. Cars need tyres, oil, servicing, fuel and washing. Boats need anti-fouling, washing down with water, sanding, polishing and much much more. Indulgences shouldn't require so much work. So, here are a list of indulgences that require little active maintenance.

C'mon you know you don't need one but wouldn't you just feel the part in this robe. Think of a winter weekend away in the country, your slippers by the bed. The warm feeling of a real timber fire. Let's take it back to the Old World and switch off our phones and pull out out biros. It's reduced currently from 1795GBP to 995GBP - yes, I imagine nobody could afford them at their original RRP - but let me tell you that's a helluva lot of workmanship and English woven jacquard silk in one garment so don't be a tight arse if you have the dough. Indulge.

Around about now the autumn polo tournaments are being played across Sydney and if the sun is still shining you will find a fair few panama hats dotted amongst the lawns. So when they zig, why not zag with a navy panama hat from Borsalino. The price is $273.00 AUD

3. YSL Varsity Jacket 

It's not St Laurent without Yves but admittedly they are far more finger on the pulse with these sukajan style jackets than they were in the final years before Yves passed away. This is a hot look with jeans and either a sophisticated round neck t shirt in high grade jersey cotton or else paired with a white shirt. It's eye catching and the jacket is somewhat a mobile piece of art. Not for everyone, especially not for the conservatives, but very 2016. $2825 AUD

4. The Versace Bomber Jacket

You know what I like about Versace? It's unmistakeable. You may find it gaudy, you may think only Floyd Mayweather could pull it off, you may think it requires a Ferrari and 2 kilos of coke - but whatever you conjure up it's still wonderfully unique and very Versace and I have enough tizz in me that I could think of 20 ways I'd like to roll with this jacket on - but mostly if I did I would like Will Ferrell's character 'Gator' to walk side by side with me. 675 GBP from Harrods.

Based on the drawings and art of Alfonse Mucha, this limited edition Belle Epoch styled pocket square is hand-roll stitched and 1 of only 60 pocket squares. A fine white pocket square is enough for most men in life, but or those thinking outside the 'square' , consider this one. 

There are phones and then there are those models which gain some level of notoriety that even after the technology is dead and buried and the world moves on, people are still emotional about it. Nokia has had a few models, blackberry, iPhone - now Samsung has made their magnum opus, the Galaxy S7 Edge in gold. No, it's not a gimic. It is literally making design and technology work together in a symbiotic nature that changes the way you view a mobile phone. The software on the operating system works, the screen is magnificent, the camera is at another level. Of all the phones I have used in the last five years, this one stands out the most. Approximately $1200.00AUD

Made from woven Italian jacquard silk, these silk eye shades are completely encased in silk so that there is no irritation on your skin. The front eye patch is filled with a felted wool from South Australia that provides soft luxurious cushion for the silk. Wear them on an aeroplane, in bed, during meditation or when you simply want to shut the lights off. $100.00AUD

There are many reasons why Charvet shirts are so good, beyond the mystique of it's long-standing history coupled with it's famed patrons, and that is that a Charvet collar is built up by using shirting cotton. So, whereas the standard shirt collar you buy off the rack gets it's collar's stiffness from a fused interlining, a Charvet shirt is made by non-fused piece of cloth layered between the top and bottom piece of fabric. It's a trademark of the house. Getting a production shirt maker outside of Charvet to make a collar like this is a rare find, so hold onto the contact if you do find one. $652.00 AUD

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